Health Promoting Schools

The following schools have registered for Health Promoting School Accreditation and are working towards improving the health and wellbeing of their school community.

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Allandale School

HPS Leader: Kay Simpson

Allandale School is a wonderful state primary school sited in the suburb of Kopeopeo, 3km southwest of the Whakatane township. The school has 430 students in 19 classrooms. We have two bilingual classes and two e-learning classes. We are committed to meeting the diverse learning needs of our children. We have wonderful facilities which make it a fun place to work and learn. Our great teachers love teaching our children.


Aorangi Primary School

HPS Leader: Wendi Smith

A Silver Accredited School

Aorangi School is a young, vibrant school of approximately 150 students based in Rotorua. With spacious teaching areas and modern facilities, students at Aorangi School benefit from a future-focused curriculum that includes the use of a wide range of information and communication technologies. A supportive school community empowers the Board of Trustees to ensure all students achieve their highest aspirations through the provision of resourcing that facilitates a progressive education based on the Cornerstone Values and the Maori Values of Wairua, Aroha and Manaaki.

Apanui School

HPS Leader: Simon Akroyd

He manu hou ahau, he pi ka rere.

I am a small bird poised for flight.

Whakatauaki of Ngati Awa 

Ake Runga

"Our best always"

 School website



Arataki School

HPS Leader: Kylie Heath

A Bronze Accredited School

Arataki School was opened on 4th February 1963. The name Arataki is an appropriate choice for the school as it means “lead’ or “guide”. The surrounding area has also become known as ‘Arataki’ following the adoption of the name. Arataki School caters for children from Year 1 to Year 6 and have approximately 360 students mainly of Maori, European and Pacific ethnicities. Arataki School places a huge emphasis on a learning partnership between teachers, children and parents. We also place emphasis on being a caring community and therefore we strive: * to help newcomers to feel (as quickly as possible) that they belong to, and are a part of the school ‘family’ * to assist children to develop their abilities, and potential strengths * to introduce children to new experiences and interests * to give both parents /caregivers and children, opportunities to make new friends. The best learning comes from a partnership between home and school and we encourage families to be involved with their child’s learning experiences.

Edgecumbe College

HPS Leader: Grant Wilson

Edgecumbe College – Learners today – Leaders tomorrow. Edgecumbe College is a rural bi-cultural secondary high school, currently decile 3 with a role of 260 students. Edgecumbe College provides quality education that aspires to meet the needs and aspirations of students, staff, whanau and the wider community.

Fairhaven School

HPS Leader: Marianne Wilson

At Fairhaven School, we encourage the children to `Dream, Strive and Achieve’, as well as embrace the ideal of `Kotahitanga – Be United’. The first is aimed at encouraging each child to reach their individual potential; the second is aimed at inspiring the school as a whole to reach our combined potential. If we focus on both of these, Fairhaven School will not only be a great place to learn but also a great place to be.

Galatea School

HPS Leader: Debbie Atkinson

Coming Soon! (school website)

Gate Pa School

HPS Leader: Janette Blake

A Silver Accredited School

Gate Pa is an inner city Tauranga Primary School with a roll of approximately 350 pupils. Our school community is made of a cross section of cultures that very much reflects wider New Zealand. The staff of 40 are very dedicated, caring, and provide quality class programmes. Many support staff are available to run additional intervention programmes to assist children with their learning. WE CARE is our school motto and very much underpins everything we do at Gate Pa. We pride ourselves on our unique spirit and the culture of sharing and caring.

Greerton Village School

HPS Leader: Bonnie Pearson

We are very proud of our commitment and loyalty to our school and our learning community of students, teachers, staff, Whanau including our wider community. Critical to the success of our school is Whanau and community involvement. Our uniqueness and cultural diversity is consistently accentuated and celebrated and we share these along with our expectation, which include the National Standards, for all to be given every opportunity to succeed. At Greerton Village School, people come first and we never give up on anyone!

Kaharoa Primary School

HPS Leader: Warwick Moyle

A Bronze Accredited School

Kaharoa School is a full primary offering education from Year 0/1 to Year 8. We take pride in the knowledge that despite our size, our children perform strongly against children from the much bigger town schools in academic, sporting and cultural pursuits. We are an ideal size, large enough to offer a range of sporting, technological and artistic pursuits yet small enough to retain the best of the New Zealand rural school tradition. We provide a relaxed family country atmosphere with a strong school spirit where everyone participates in extensive school-wide programmes. Our community has a long history of strong and active involvement with the school. We believe in setting firm guidelines of behaviour. We actively promote high standards through the "Building Character through the Cornerstone Values Approach" to teach and reinforce the eight cornerstone values. We are a caring team, which includes our teaching staff, secretary, Board of Trustees, librarian, teacher aides and caretaker, doing their best to ensure we work together effectively while educating and managing our children's education.

Kaingaroa Forest

HPS Leader: Lorraine Dunlop

Joining the Fruit in Schools programme was the catalyst for Kaingaroa School’s health promotion drive. In a very short time, the school community has moved from zero awareness of healthy lifestyles to it being the norm to talk about healthy eating and physical activity. The school has established a Health committee made up of staff, students, parents, and Board of Trustee members. The structure of the day has been changed to incorporate a fruit break in the morning, and teachers have become role models. The school has also persuaded local shops to stock healthier items. The children are taking the healthy eating and physical activity messages they learn at school home to their whanau.

Kaitao Middle School

HPS Leader: Te Arohanui Waikato

A Bronze Accredited School

Kaitao Middle School is located in the Western Suburbs of Rotorua. It caters for Year 7 and 8 students from a large number of contributing schools. The school provides an attractive, well-maintained working and learning environments for staff and students and comprises five distinctive learning academies - each academy has its own philosophy and approach to learning that matches particular teaching and learning preferences and interests. The school motto 'Kia puawai i roto i te whanaungatanga' is reflected in the daily life of the school. Within this concept an environment is created that promotes positive relations within the school and between the school and it's community. Māori values and perspectives are well integrated into the daily life of the school, which provides an inclusive environment where Māori students can feel proud of their culture. The particular learning needs and interests of Māori students are also recognised within academy and classroom learning environments both in teacher planning and contexts for learning. Many Māori students are responding positively to a school environment that affirms their culture and identity as being an integral part of the school.

Kawerau Putauaki

HPS Leader: Angela Muncaster


Kawerau South

HPS Leader: Jocelyn Wood

Kawerau South School is a year 1 - 7 state primary school situated in the township of Kawerau in the Eastern Bay of Plenty. The school is situated in large park-like grounds. Wide open playing fields with plenty of trees and gardens are a distinguishing feature of the school. The adjoining Monika Lanham Reserve is a wonderful asset for the school and whole community. Superb views of Kawerau and the plains can be seen from the top and a variety of walking tracks provide easy access for the public. During the past ten years students from the school have been involved with the Kawerau District Council replanting native trees and shrubs in the reserve. Strong family connections and traditions form an important part of school life. Many current students have parents who attended South School, and they now in turn continue to offer strong support for the school. A well planned building and purchasing programme has seen the school maintain its reputation for being well resourced and progressive.

Kea Street Specialist School

HPS Leader: Gillian Hughes

We are a Specialist school providing education for students aged five to twenty-one years, with intellectual and physical disabilities, from the greater Rotorua and Taupo area. In Rotorua, satellite classes operate at Malfroy School, Western Heights School, Kaitao Middle School and Owhata Primary. In Taupo there is a class located at Mountview Primary School. Four classes operate at the Kea Street base school, in the western suburbs of Rotorua. The school strives to employ the best staff for the students, and to provide a nurturing, happy environment for them, where they are truly valued. It is important for us to all enjoy our time at school, for the students to be purposeful and successful to attain their potential, for our staff to be challenged and fulfilled, and for the whole community to be involved in the learning process.

Lake Rotoma School

HPS Leader: Anahera Wilcox

Information Coming Soon!

Maketu School

HPS Leader: Bernie Macalister

Maketu is a small seaside bilingual primary school in the Bay of Plenty that caters for students from new entrants to year 6. We also have Potiki (youngest child) a pre-school facility on site. Potiki is an important and valued part of our school. Our school increases its level of Bilingual Te Reo Maori to level 2 at year 6. Children attending our school come from Maketu, Little Waihi and Te Puke. Our school's vision is based upon "Kia tu rangatira ai ki nga ao e rua, Stand Tall In both Worlds". Our strong academic, cultural and sporting base enables our children to do this. Our students go on to excell at subsequent schools. Maketu School is a place where learning is valued with the strong desire for all to stand tall in both worlds. The school has a long history going back well into the last century.

Malfroy School

HPS Leader: Tweenie Walker

A Bronze Accredited School

The Education Review Office describes Malfroy School as "an effective learning institution where Board & staff work diligently to provide students with high quality learning opportunities". Malfroy School recognises that parents, extended families and caregivers are of fundamental importance to children's learning. This support is especially important in learning early literacy and numeracy skills. When children begin at Malfroy School they are assessed on their prior knowledge and skills and these are built on to develop the children into independent life long learners.

Mangakino Area School

HPS Leader: Leonie Philburn

A Bronze Accredited School

Mangakino Area School provides education for students in Years 1 – 13. It has a total immersion Rumaki Reo Unit for students from Years 0 – 8, with a strong whanau group which tautoko not only the Maori Immersion unit but also the school. The community is made up of a variety of families from various social economic and cultural backgrounds. Students attend the school mainly from Mangakino township. Two syndicates (Junior School - Years 1 – 8 and Senior School – Years 9 - 13)and 12 classroom teachers provide student centred educational programmes. On our campus we also have a Council-run gymnasium and swimming pool. We are within close proximity to native forests, lakes and Maunga, offering opportunities for rich curriculum development.

Merivale Primary School

HPS Leader: Tarnz Togo

Merivale School has a roll of approximately 160 students and is situated in the suburb of Merivale in urban Tauranga. Our school caters for children in Years 1-6. We are proud to be a Health Promoting School as we see this as hugely advancing our tamariki. The language of instruction in four of our classrooms is English and they work together as the mainstream team. The other three classrooms form our Maori medium unit, Nga Hau e Wha. Two of these classrooms teach in 81-100% Te Reo Maori and are rumaki (immersion) rooms. The third class which makes up this team teaches in 51-80% Te Reo Maori. Over recent years our school community has worked on reviewing our strategic direction and remain committed to our entrustments of educating, advancing Māori potential, upholding the welfare and wellbeing of our students and maintaining and upholding the uniqueness of the Merivale School culture.

Mihi School

HPS Leader: Katie McIndoe

Information coming soon!

Mountview School

HPS Leader: Marianne Fairest

A Bronze Accredited School

Mountview school is a decile two school with approximately 420 students from Years 1 to 8. 'WHAIA TE MANA' is our school motto and means to have pride, stand tall and strive for excellence. The school values are reflected in the title WHAIA: W - Whakaute (respect) H - Hauora (well being) A - Angitu ( success/excellence) I - I am responsible (Haepapatanga) A - All together (kotahitanga)

Omarumutu School

HPS Leader: Jude Cornelius

A Bronze Accredited School

Eke ki te taumata teitei Omarumutu School caters for children from Year 1 to Year 8 and has approximately 82 students. Omarumutu School places a huge emphasis on a learning partnership between teachers, children and parents and the extended whanau. We also place emphasis on being a caring community and therefore we strive to: * help newcomers feel (as quickly as possible) that they bleong to, and are a part of the school 'family' * assist children to develop their abilities and potential strengths * introduce children to new experiences and interests * give both parents/caregivers and children, opportunities to make new friends. Whanaungatanga is highly valued and evident in the culture of the school. Many families appreciate the school's welcoming environment and make a valued contribution to all school events. The best learning comes from a partnership between home and school and we encourage families to be involved with their child's learning experiences.

Opotiki College

HPS Leader: Marama Henwood

A Bronze Accredited School

Opotiki College is a school which puts the individual needs of the student foremost. It creates a well-structured, secure environments for its students so that they fell confident enough to express their opinions but at the same time understand the importance of respecting those of others. It creates a no fear environment so that students feel supported and self-assured and can grow as mature, self-respecting, compassionate adults. It creates an environment which promotes and attitude of second best is never good enough where striving for excellence in all respects is the norm.

Opotiki Primary School

HPS Leader: Michelle Tamepo

Opotiki School is located in central Opotiki, and caters for students in Years 1 to 8. 98% are of Maori descent, and mostly from Whakatohea iwi. Students have access to highly functional and well-resourced learning environments, including specialist facilities for visual and performing arts, and attractively presented extensive grounds. Since the last Education Review, in June 2008, the school has experienced steady roll growth, changes to the senior management team and teaching staff. The school has continued to implement well-established programmes for students needing additional learning support and extension. Information and communication technologies (ICT) provision has been extended and includes timely and skilled technical support. A part-time kapa haka and te reo Maori tutor, Social Worker in Schools (SWiS), an additional Resource Teacher: Learning and Behaviour (RTLB) and an attendance officer have been employed. The Board of Trustees has also employed full-time teaching assistants in junior classes to support daily teaching and learning. Due to declining numbers of parents choosing education through the medium of te reo Maori for their children the school's rumaki class closed at the end of 2009. Senior management and teachers have developed the Opotiki School Curriculum, which includes an emphasis on core learning areas, local history and authentic contexts for learning.

Otamarakau School

HPS Leader: Robyn Rosie

Otamarakau School is opportunity rich! Lunch time sports, gym festival, 40hr famine, Peer Mediators, Top Schools, Zumba, swimming sports, African drummers, wheels day, clowns, school newspaper,cross country, radio competitions and community based technology - these are just some of the great things we have achieved and will continue to succeed with. The whole school community supports the Otamarakau School's shared vision, culture and values, including educational initiatives such as integrating information communication technology throughout the school. Our whole school is fully digital with each student having access to their own laptop. At Otamarakau School we are entrusted and challenged with preparing our children for the future. We endeavour to treat all our students as individuals and strive to nurture creativity, foster resilience, develop independence and provide the building blocks for a well-rounded, productive, healthy and happy life. Finally, while we respect the potential of who our children can become tomorrow, we don't lose sight that they are already someone today!

Owhata Primary School

HPS Leader: Lorraine Pukepuke

A Bronze Accredited School

Owhata School was first opened on September 10 1966 by the Honourable A E Kinsella, Minister of Education. It is located in Rotorua city overlooking Lake Rotorua and caters for Years 1-6. Owhata School provides a range of programmes and initiatives that promote learning opportunities for students, their families and the wider community. Whanaungatanga is highly valued and evident in the culture of the school. Many families appreciate the school's welcoming environment and make a valued contribution to all schooling events.

Rotorua Intermediate School

HPS Leader: Trina Allen

Rotorua Intermediate is a school catering for year 7 and 8 students. The school motto is 'Courage and Commitment' and the staff and Board of Trustees believe that this motto encapsulates the positive attitude to life, work and living which we want students to leave Rotorua Intermediate with after two years of quality education. The education at Rotorua Intermediate will expose them to ‘Rich, Real and Relevant’ learning experiences within a positive and supportive learning culture, stimulating their courage to take risks.  It will be through these experiences that students will be able to discover their capacity to engage in learning, reflect on learning and celebrate their learning achievements. Our teachers accept their professional responsibility to provide learning opportunities that focuses on the personalized needs of their students. Together with the supportive participation of parents and caregivers we will achieve what is best for our students.

Rotorua Primary School

HPS Leader: Hemi Leonard

Rotorua Primary is a co-educational state primary school that caters for students from Year 0 to Year 8 (5 to 13 Years) located in Rotorua. Rotorua Primary empowers children to become successful learners. Our school actively promotes a culture of whakawhanaungatanga, respect and caring for each other. Students learn in a positive environment that encourages achievement and involvement in all aspects of school life. The school recognises the importance of indigenous language, culture and heritage and the provision of the Māori Immersion/Bilingual unit caters for those students who wish to be educated through the medium of Te Reo Māori. Eight Māori Immersion/Bilingual classrooms and five English medium classrooms currently operate in this school. We value the support and commitment that we receive from parents/caregivers and the wider community. We have an open door policy at this school and parents/caregivers are encouraged to participate in their child/children’s education.

Rotorua School for Young Parents

HPS Leader: Beverley Murray-Stevens

The Rotorua School for Young Parents provides teen parents with educational opportunities so their families can have positive futures. The young parents are able to study while their children are cared for next door at the child care centre; students can achieve NCEA levels 1, 2 and 3 and National Certificates in a range of different subjects including, business studies, computing, tourism, child care and retail.

Rotorua Seventh-Day Adventist School

HPS Leader: Lanea Strickland

Our School offers a caring, family environment in which the uniqueness of your child is valued and nurtured. Our teachers will introduce your child to a God who loves them immeasurably and without condition. Our Educational aims will promote the potential and development of your child in a balanced lifestyle: * Academically * Socially * Physically * Emotionally * Spiritually

Selwyn School

HPS Leader: Carey Bennett

A Silver Accredited School

Selwyn Primary School educates children from five to eleven years old (Years One to Six) and draws enrolments from the Selwyn Heights, Western Heights and Fairy Springs Road areas of Rotorua. Selwyn School is a special community where they respect and care for each other, value learning and do our best. The school has been an HPS school since 2006.

St Mary's Catholic School

HPS Leader: David McMillan

St Mary's is a Special Character Catholic School. The curriculum is underpinned by and consistent with what is outlined in the New Zealand Curriculum (2007) and the official Religious Education Curriculum for Primary Catholic Schools in Aotearoa, New Zealand. St Mary's staff and students are expected to live the gospel values as: "With Christ As Our Centre We Strive For Excellence". Families from right across the socio-economic spectrum and from a wide cross-section of cultures are attracted to the school. The school's special character is promoted through regular instruction in religious and moral education and is integrated into all aspects of the school's programmes, environment and culture. Regular participation in Church worship and Liturgies is aimed at a level appropriate to the children.

Sunset Primary School

HPS Leader: Niels Rasmussen

A Bronze Accredited School

Sunset Primary School is located in the western suburbs of Rotorua and caters for students in Year 1 to 6. The school role of 133 and ethnic make up comprises – 90% Māori, 8% Polynesian, and 2% European. An attractive well-maintained school environment provides opportunities for students and their whānau to participate in a wide range of learning events and activities. The school has children who excel in academic, sporting and cultural areas. The cultural group has a high profile and Māori language is taught through an established Rumaki class from year 0-5. Staff aim to help the children reach their academic, social, emotional and physical potential within a caring environment

Taneatua School

HPS Leader: Wikitoria Te Pou

A Bronze Accredited School

Taneatua School services the township of Taneatua and the surrounding rural areas and caters for students from Years 1 to 8. 99% of the students are Māori, with the majority of the students identifying as belonging to Tuhoe. A feature of the school is Te Uruuru Mātauranga that provides immersion education for students in Te Reo Māori. Students are immersed in a quality Te Reo environment underpinned by high quality teaching and high expectations for learning. Students demonstrate a positive attitude towards learning. They are encouraged to be actively involved in setting their own learning goals, and reflect on and monitor their progress. Students are proud of their successes and are responding positively to their learning. Parents are well informed about their child’s progress and achievement. There is an effective partnership with parents in supporting students’ engagement with learning.

Te Kura Kaupapa Maori o Te Rotoiti

HPS Leader: Louanne Ngataki

Raranga tō hau ki te muri
Raranga tō hau ki te tonga
Kia mākinakina i uta
Kia mātaratara i tai
Kia whakapuke ai ngā ngaru o te ngārue
Ko ngā pōtiki a Hinehopu e heru mai ra
i Te Matarae i o Rehu

Ko Te Kura Kaupapa Maori o Te Rotoiti
He Kura ka awhi, ka tautoko, ka arahi i ngā ākonga kia Manawanui
Kia Manawanui ngā ākonga ki te Aro
Kia Manawanui ngā ākonga ki te Ako
Kia Manawanui ngā ākonga ki te Arahi
Kia ora tonu ai.

Te Kura Kaupapa Maori o Te Rotoiti is a school that will embrace, support and lead our students to be steadfast and confident, in their ability to listen, learn and lead in life. Our Kura is situated on the Eastern shores of Te Rotoiti just over 1km from the Emery Store on State Highway 30 between Waiiti Marae and Tapuaeharuru Marae.

Our Kura community has a strong affiliation to our local Marae. There are 12 Marae situated around the lake Rotoiti, seven on the eastern side and five on the western side).

Our Kura enjoys a demographic that spans from Kawerau to Rotorua, and represents the ‘Hononga’ (the joining) of Te Arawa and Mataatua waka – Ngati Pikiao, Ngati Whakaue – Ngati Awa, Ngai Tuhoe.

Te Kura Kaupapa Maori o Waioweka

HPS Leader: Pani Haereroa

Hoki tonu atu rā ki te Maunga o Matiti Rere atu au mai Pakihikura ki roto i te awa o Waioweka Tū ana au i te waharoa o Waioweka Ko Hira Te Popo te tangata e Te mana kawe o Ngāti Ira Manaaki te tangata ahakoa ko wai In 2009, Te Kura Kaupapa Māori o Waioweka celebrated its 125th anniversary. The kura is located on land gifted by Ngāti Ira, near the entrance to the Waioweka Gorge. The natural environment of the bush, the river, the marae, the papa kāinga and the maunga of Matiti, Ruahema and Moanui provide a strong sense of belonging, identity and tranquillity around the kura. Several carved poupou flank the main driveway leading up to the kura. The presence of these guardians locates a person within the ancestral environment of Ngāti Ira and Te Whakatohea. Students, staff and whānau members adhere to and practise the teachings of the Hāhi Ringatū. Students take part in special events to mark customary dedication to the hāhi. The following of Hāhi Ringatū traditions, beliefs, values and practices are central to the holistic development of students. Mātauranga Māori pertaining to Ngāti Ira and Whakatohea provide appropriate contexts for immersion teaching and learning at the kura. All students are encouraged to actively participate in kura programmes, events and activities. These include local and wider community events. Whanake i ngā pūkenga ārahi o te katoa.

Te Kura Mana Maori o Matahi

HPS Leader: Mel Heurea

Ko Mangapohatu te Maunga Ko Tauranga te Awa Ko Tuhoe te Iwi "Whakarangatira te Tangata, ahakoa ko wai, ahakoa no hea" Te Kura Mana Maori o Matahi is a place for learning that empowers students to make the "best choices" that will extend their learning, promote self respect and respect for others. The students enjoy the richness offered by whanau, hapu and iwi through marae inter-connectedness and the beauty of the native bush surroundings and the sacred waters that flow from Maungapohatu. This unique environment forms important resources for our students.

Te Kura O Matapihi

HPS Leader: Ange Withers

Founded in 1913, Te Kura o Matapihi is a bilingual state funded school catering for new entrants to Year 8 students. Since the very beginning, our Kura has continued to provide education for the Matapihi Community. Te Kura o Matapihi is a rural school providing a quality immersion/bilingual education for approximately 90 tamariki from the two main hapu in this area, Ngai Tukairangi and Ngati Tapu. We have 80% of our tamariki who identify as Ngaiterangi and 20% identify with other iwi within Aotearoa. Our location only 7km from Tauranga and Mount Maunganui enables us to combine the best of botha rural and urban education. We have a proud history and a high level of community involvement and good will. Our Year 1- Year 6 classes are taught in total Immersion Level 1 and our Year 7-8 class is taught at Level 2, bilingual. We have four teachers and three kaiawhina.

Te Kura o Omaio

HPS Leader: Nehu Gage

A Bronze Accredited School

Te Kura o Omaio is situated East of Opotiki. It caters for Years 0-4 students in immersion and bilingual classes for Years 5-8. Te Kura o Omaio was established in 1871; making it the oldest school in Te Whanau a Apanui rohe. The board, community, students and staff take pride in the unique character of the school. 98% of its students and staff have local affiliations. Nga tikanga o Te Whanau a Apanui form the basis for teaching and learning programmes. The concept of an educational pathway for the tamariki of Te Kura o Omaio are embellished in the words; "Te Tumanakotanga hei ara mo te Iwi" expressed by the tipuna Hirini Tawhai as part of the school's celebrations in 1963. These words are instilled within the philosophy of the school's educational statement, expressing "the hopes and aspirations of the Iwi for their mokopuna of the Kura; to grasp education in all its varied fields as a pathway to Taha Wairua (spiritual), Taha Tinana (physical), Taha Hinengaro (academic) and Taha Whanau (social) development".

Te Kura o Raukokore

HPS Leader: Merle Callaghan

Raukokore School is a small, remote primary school located on the east coast highway in a unique setting adjacent to the Pacific Ocean, within the tribal area of Te Whānau a Apanui. It is a two-teacher primary school catering for students in Years 1 to 8, all of whom are Māori. A strong sense of whānaungatanga is apparent in our school environment. Relationships between students and staff, school and community are positive and supportive. The environment is strongly bilingual and bicultural and there are high levels of care and nurturing in all of our school activities. The school provides a safe, physical and emotional environment for students, staff and community. The community plays an important role in the life of the school and in the education of students. Parents and community members are closely involved in ongoing school programmes and willingly provide assistance in school trips, projects, sports and community events.

Te Kura o Te Paroa

HPS Leader: Helen Kingi

A Bronze Accredited School

Te Kura o Te Pāroa is a Full Primary School situated 5km from Whakatane. Te Kura o Te Pāroa is unique in that it provides for both Mainstream (Auraki) Education and Total Immersion Māori (Rūmaki) Education teaching in the medium of the Māori Language. Te Kura o Te Pāroa caters for children of predominately Ngati Awa descent, with others from Iwi throughout the Bay of Plenty. Our school actively promotes the retention of Māori language as well as enhancing each child’s understanding of their culture and traditions. Te Kura o Te Pāroa actively promotes a culture of whakawhānaungatanga, respect and caring for others. The learning environments are characterised by positive tuakana-teina and adult-student interactions and relationships. Students feel valued and demonstrate confidence and pride in being Māori. Te Kura o Te Pāroa encourages the participation by all children in a wide range of learning experiences within the academic, sporting, cultural and outdoor arena. Our school values what parents, staff and students have to contribute and we welcome parents into an open and caring environment knowing that whānau input is a most important ingredient in the success of our school. We promote a safe and healthy environment where students can grow and develop to their full potential. We encourage children to respect the opinion of others and promote a harmonic working environment in which to learn. We constantly encourage students to strive for excellence and together we will continue to cater for the academic, physical and social needs of all pupils.

Te Kura Toitu o Te Whaiti nui a Toi

HPS Leader: Robert Eketone

Te Kura Toitū o Te Whāiti Nui a Toi is approximately 25 minutes from the small township of Murupara. The senior school, Te Ahurewa Mātāmua which caters for students from year 5 to 10, is located at Te Whāiti. The junior school, Te Ahurewa Mātāreo, operates from its Minginui site. The name of the kura is a significant tribute to Toi, a well-known ancestor of Ngāti Whare.

Te Matai – Te Kura-ā-Iwi ō Tapuika

HPS Leader: Hine Anderson

Ko Rangiuru te maunga, Ko Kaituna te awa, Ko Tapuika te iwi. Te Matai Te Kura a Iwi o Tapuika is a full primary from Year 0 – 8. Te Reo Maori me ona tikanga provides the platform for our learning and achievement, as is stated in our whakatauki: “Ko te reo me ona tikanga te huarahi ki oku taumata matauranga”. We are pleased to be joining the HPS scheme for 2010. HPS Hine Anderson

Te Whānau-ā-Apanui Area School

HPS Leader: Geraldine Delamere

Te Whānau-ā-Apanui Area School is an iwi-based area school situated at Te Kaha. There are three defined units; a mainstream primary school unit, the Māori immersion unit and a wharekura/secondary unit. The school caters for Year 1-13 students in mainstream, with two primary Māori immersion classes available for students in Year 1-5. A kōhanga reo is sited close to the Māori immersion classes and the children often visit and participate. The school community is well known for its cultural heritage, recognised artists, composers, writers and highly respected elders. This is an area rich in sea and forest resources. The meeting house and important iwi and hapū carvings, including a genealogical chart, hold prominent positions in the school environment. These contain a wealth of history, stories and cultural heritage of the local iwi. Using local resources to develop the school's curriculum and to enhance learning experiences for students could be the next step for the school. Students are friendly and get on well together. The school has a warm and caring environment. Students confidently welcome visitors, enjoy kapa haka and participate in a range of sporting activities. Whānau support students during cultural and sporting events.

Waimana School

HPS Leader: Helen Te Wara

"A kura that the community is part of, a community that the kura is part of" Waimana School is committed to readying children for life by providing balanced, challenging programmes reflecting the particular personal needs of the children in our multi-cultural community, creating lifelong learners who can participate confidently in Te Ao Maori and Te Ao Pakeha. Our Rumaki unit strengthens the personal identity of all our students, staff and parents in appreciation of the cultural diversity is the key to unity. Our rural community embraces our Tuhoetanga and takes pride in practising whanaungatanga. Our kura appreciates the koha that fruit in schools provides and acknowledge this great service that encourages staff to promote health and wellbeing in schools.

Waitahanui Bilingual School

HPS Leader: Oriwa Broughton-Harris

Tēnā koutou Te Kura o Waitahanui, arā te poari, ngā mātua, te tumuaki, me ngā tamariki e mihi nei kia koutou. E pou kaha ana kia whai ai te matauranga mo wā koutou tamariki. Te Kura o Waitahuna is a small bilingual primary school that sits on the edge of Lake Taupo on the main highway between Taupo and Turangi. All students are of Māori descent and whakapapa to the hapū Ngāti Tūtemohuta, and iwi Ngāti Tūwharetoa. The school is one of the focal points of the Waitahanui community. The community has long-standing inter-generational connections with the school. Local whānau are supportive of the school in different ways. Students benefit from extended whānau support, including kaumatua and kuia, and through the adjacent kohanga reo. Students have good learning opportunities. In Years 1 to 3 students have full immersion learning in te reo Māori. In Years 4 to 6 students receive a bilingual learning programme. Students enjoy the many learning opportunities they receive and appreciate belonging to a close knit, whānau-like school.

Western Heights Primary School

HPS Leader: Brent Griffin

Western Heights Primary School, Te Kura o Whakaahu, caters for students from Years 1 to 6. The school is located in Rotorua in the midst of Ngati Whakaue hapu. The school serves a predominately Māori community and features three Māori medium classes. Te reo me ōna tikanga o Te Arawa form an integral part of the school culture and operations. Students are proud of their school. They are provided with a turangawaewae in which they can be strong and stand tall. Teachers know students well and cater effectively for their different learning needs through a wide range of programmes.

Whakamaru School

HPS Leader: Jenny Collins

A Bronze Accredited School

At Whakamaru School, we consider ourselves special as we are a small, rural, country school with a family atmosphere who are all encouraged to genuinely care for eachother. Our students are active country kids and our vision is for them to be life-long learners using skills in the real world.