HPS inquiry cycle

Working as a Health Promoting School is not a project or a programme, it is a process of continuous improvement. It is an on-going and reflective process where new knowledge constantly informs and refines the inquiry cycle. It is designed as a model that school communities can use independently in planning developments to meet identified needs in the school community.

The HPS inquiry cycle supports the school community to collectively identify and prioritise the greatest health need that is hindering members of the school community from achieving outcomes. Strengths and resources from the whole school community are utilised to develop and implement solutions to meet the prioritised need. This process is monitored and reviewed to inform on-going and future actions. 


HPS Inquiry Cycle Steps

  • Engagement - Partners in Learning 

  • Inquiry - Needs Assessment 

  • Planning - Co-construction of Solutions 

  • Action - Differentiated Delivery 

  • Transformation - Evaluation, Reflection and Review 

  • New Cycle 

Click here to download a detailed description of the inquiry cycle steps.

Page updated 30 Nov 2015